Our Philosophy

Bay Area Bookworms was founded from the research-based belief that young readers thrive when they are encouraged to choose books that connect to their interests, when they are part of a community of young readers, and when they are offered a supportive and joyful learning environment.

The structure of our club sessions is based on research-supported practices for fostering a love of reading in children and adolescents.

At Bay Area Bookworms, we believe that books offer an opportunity to develop empathy, learn about individuals from different cultures and backgrounds, foster creativity, grow personally, and have fun. Our "canon" of high-quality books is carefully selected to represent authors and characters with diverse identities and experiences.

Our hope is to foster meaningful connections between young readers. Our group size is capped at seven students so that students can cultivate real relationships with their peers.

Summer Reading Program Graphic Novels Second grade reading level

Free Reading Comprehension Activities

Summer Reading Program